Resume & Cover Letter (Jon Good)

Are you applying to Cyber Security jobs? Are you concerned that your resume or cover letter are holding you back from your dream job? This is perfect for you!

Why get help?

You only get one chance to impress an employer or at least get them interested in hiring you! Unfortunately many people miss out on key opportunities because their resume or cover letter is full of mistakes and easy to throw in the trash. We can make your application shine and get the to the interview!

Ideal Audience

Brand New to Cyber Security

You want to make your resume sound like a Cyber Security Professional!

More Calls For Interviews

Attract more employers so that you get more calls for interviews.

Switching From Information Technology Jobs

Show employers that you have made the mental shift to Cyber Security!

Transitioning From Technical Jobs to Leadership Jobs

Add the right terminology to show that you are a business leader!

Frequently Asked Questions

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